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The Sky is the Limit

The Story Behind CTFO

     The CTFO Story

·        Before we begin, you need to know the story behind CTFO
·        It is a story of uniqueness and relentless pursuit.
·        This will give you a better foundation to build your business from as it will be part of all you do.
·        Telling the CTFO story is critical.
·        Keep it short and simple, as a 30 second story is impactful.
·        But KNOW the success story behind CTFO.


·        CTFO was founded by Stuart Finger, Steve Finger and Michael Kahn in 2015. Their vision was to create a company of the                   Associates, by the Associates, and for the Associates.
·        They are network marketers at heart and only chose to become company owners because they couldn’t find a company that                 really was on the side of the average person; instead of stacking the odds against them.

      Problems Solved

·        With decades of experience as network marketers and network marketing company owners, they came together to form a                    company that would help solve the problems and challenges that this industry has faced for too long:
·      Overpriced Products
·      High start-up costs and monthly qualifying requirements
·      Difficult rank promotions
·      Pay plan changes that decrease commissions


         CTFO is different. In fact, it’s absolutely unique in the industry:
·        The products are all priced as low if not lower than any other comparable products on the market
·        There is no charge to become an Associate or for the websites or marketing materials
·        You can earn commissions without ever having to purchase anything
·        The qualifications for rank advancement are the easiest in the industry
·        The owners get paid the same way the Associates do; through the pay plan.
·        If they do anything to reduce commissions for others, it impacts them.
·        And if they want a pay raise, everyone else will get one too!

Just the Beginning

·        In short, CTFO is the culmination of the Founder's dream to create a vehicle in this amazing industry that allows anyone and                everyone to succeed.
·        And this is just the beginning:
·        More products are on the way!
·        Global expansion has begun!
·        Commission payout amounts will only increase, never decrease!
·        CTFO, Changing The Future Outcome of people’s Health and Wealth. An idea whose time has come!

Before We Begin


·        When you enroll in CTFO, you did not just join a company.
·        You became part of an Elite Leadership and Business Family.
·        This means that everything we do, we do at a more powerful level.
·        A greater degree of integrity than other companies, a greater degree of honesty, a greater degree of ethics, and our goal is to              set a new standard in the profession in this area.
·        It also means that not only will you have the chance to build a residual income business, but be trained in Leadership, Success,          and Life.
·        We want you to become an Elite Leader and powerful business owner.

The Movement

·        We at CTFO are building an Elite Leadership Movement that will set a new standard of Leadership Building and Training as              well as helping people’s health in new ways.
·        Imagine being part of something that is so much bigger than all of us and it keeps growing.
·        Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in a whole different light as you have become a powerful Leader and Business          Owner.

Change Agent Factory

·        Imagine millions of people impacted.
·        And a good percentage of those came from your own organization.
·        Millions of people.
·        This is not just a network marketing company.
·        It is a Change Agent Factory that produces daily – Agents of Change that go out and change people’s destinies and health in            ways that only CTFO can.

Share Daily

·        All we want everyone to do is super simple:

                                                               Share the CTFO Message Daily!
                                                        The goal: get a good sized group of people doing
                                                         a couple of simple things consistently every day.


The 3 Most Important Words

·        Remember these 3 words:
·        “It’s Just Conversation.”
·        That’s it. Online or offline. Nothing really more.
·        We hold conversation with people and simply share ideas with them about dramatically improving their life and health with our              CTFO products.
·        Keep those three words in focus and know that’s all we do.
·        CTFO is built on conversation and sharing new ideas.
·        Yes, it takes a good work ethic, but conversation is the key.
·        And the rest of this series of videos will prove just that.


·        Imagine Total Financial Freedom
·        Imagine a Multi-Million dollar business
·        This is why we are here – this Elite Leadership and Business Family called CTFO
·        Not just to change lives. To Change Destinies in a powerful way with CTFO powered products.
·        Welcome to this Powerful Movement and soon army of Leaders.
·        It’s time you met the REAL YOU. The REAL Leader. The REAL Success story. And CTFO will introduce you to that person                  starting NOW.

The Three Stories

Your 3 Stories

·        The Product Story can take a couple of days or a couple of weeks to build. That is your goal, but it could take even longer.
·        The Money Story can take 30 days and up to 90 days, but the quicker the more powerful it becomes. It can take longer, as this           is only a goal.
·        The Team Story can take a couple of weeks or a few months, or even longer, and that is ok! But the quicker you build, the more           powerful the story.
·        And there is one rule: BUILD A POWERFUL STORY, no matter how long it takes. The RACE to your Dream is on YOUR              TIME- but never forget- the CLOCK is TICKING!

The Checklist

List Begins By...

·        Understand that you have just made one of the potentially greatest decisions you could ever make by enrolling in CTFO.
·        How great – is up to you.
·        But being an Associate with CTFO, you now not only are a business owner, but also the CEO of your own company and you                have joined a very Elite Group of business owners.

Setting Up Your CTFO Business

·        Now is the time to start putting your business together and getting it going.
·        There are certain things that must happen before anything else.
·        It is called “setting up your business.”
·        This checklist will help walk you through setting up your business online and getting things in order.


·        Ok. What are the things that you do to BEGIN?
·        The first thing is a simple CHECKLIST.
·        1 Get you enrolled.
·        2. Get your optional CTFO order in.
·        3. Get your optional monthly auto shipment done.
·        4. Get your Commission payment set up through GPG.
·        5. Start your Memory Jogger- initial contact list.
·        6. Use the products DAILY.
·        7. Talk to your FIRST 2 prospects within the first 24 hours.
·        8. Plug into ALL trainings, Conference calls, Webinars, and Events.
·        9. Watch the back office training videos and download PDFs.
·       10. Attend the Weekly Conference Call with a guest even before your shipment arrives.
·        CTFO Entrepreneurs GET STARTED!
·        Then just follow the step by steps of the CTFO Basic system that we have put together.
·        There is ONE goal you should have daily:
·        Get someone in the pipeline DAILY – ether LOOKING at the business or TRYING the products. And then follow up with              them.
·        That’s it. If you do JUST THAT and nothing else, you will build over time a very, very successful CTFO business!
·        Just ONE EVERYDAY – either LOOKING or TRYING – and watch your business GROW and GROW!

The Tools

Business Tools

·        To build anything, you will need Tools.
·        Builders use tools to build houses, roads, computers, software, and more.
·        CTFO is no exception.
·        There are basic tools that you use to build CTFO.
·        Learn them, learn how to use them, and then use them daily.

Business Plan

·        1. Your PLAN.
·        You must have a weekly / daily plan to engage. This could be as simple as sampling 2 people a day, talking to and following up            on 2 people a day, sending out 20 emails, reaching out daily to 5 people on social media, or making 10 dials a day to contact                people. Here is a PLAN.
·        P=PROSPECTS. How many NEW leads will you get today?
·        L=LIST. How many prospects are on your list today to contact and follow up on?
·        A=ACTON. When do you have planned today to take Action and Contact, Present, or Follow Up?
·        N=NEXT MOVE. What is your Next Move with each prospect contacted?

·        2. The Products
·        They are used for sampling, information, possibilities, and education.
·        Use them, consume them, and talk about them daily- and then some.
·        3. Your CTFO website and Business/Product Landing pages.
·        Your own personal website link is a tool that when people click on it and enroll or purchase a product, you will get                                  credit or the referral. And the Landing pages are a way to build online leads.
·        4. Videos.
·        Videos are tools that you can use online and send them to prospects as well as learn from them.
·        5. Mobile Phone.
·        Enough said about this. It will be your most used tool.
·        6. 24/7 CTFO Webinars.
·        Invite guests to the CTFO webinar and let the Leaders recruit your prospects into CTFO for you.
·        7. Three Way Calls.
·        These are one of the most powerful tools you will have. It is when you and your sponsor are talking together on the phone to a            prospect. Check out the Three Way Call Training.
·        8. Brochures.
·        There is nothing more powerful than brochures that visually carry the Power of the products and explaining them as well.
·        9. Trainings and Live Training Events.
·        Attend every training you can as well as events. CTFO training are critical as they will teach you this business and also build                your Leadership.
·        10. Conference Calls.
·        This is powerful tool. Listen to the Conference Calls and be trained and educated on the latest at CTFO.

Memory Jogger

Make a List

·        You MUST have an initial list of people that you know can contact about CTFO products and business.
·        Why?
·        1. Credibility.
·        2. Easy Access.
·        3. You care about them.
·        4. They care about you

Memory Jogger

·        You need to put together a Memory Jogger.
·        What is that?
·        It is a list of “triggers” that will help trigger names for you to share the product and business with.
·        The initial list you come up with will be who you call first.

Do’s and Don’ts

·        As you create this list, remember, that you are offering people a gift: of great health, or an incredible opportunity that could offer          them time and financial freedom!
·        The DO’s and DON’Ts of Making A List:
·        1. Make Your list as long as possible. It is your GREATEST ASSET when starting CTFO.
·        The longer your list, the greater your confidence for this business and posture. If you have a list of 10 folks and 5 say NO- you              will be disappointed. If you have 100- you have 95 more to GO!
·        2. Never Pre-Judge.
·        They could end up in someone else’s business. You never know what folks will do, and can lead you to. Which is greater? The            Risk or the incredible Rewards?


·        How do you make a List?
·        1. Use the Memory Jogger to make a list of 75-100 names you know on a first name basis and get their email                             addresses.
·        Go through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, other social sites you are on, and cell phone contacts.
·        2. Who are your insurance and Real Estate agents or ones you may know?
·        3. Use the Yellow Pages.
·        Who do I know that is an Accountant, Banker, Carpenter, Dentist?
·        4. Who is your HOT Top 5?
·        These are the people in your life that will be there to help you move, or in times of need, or just because they care.
·        5. Whose on your Christmas and Birthday Card list?
·        6. Who do you do business with and pay them money?
·        7. What 3 people are the most networked and connected you know?
·        8. Split your paper in half.
·        On one side, put your local contacts, and on the other side, your long distance contacts you want to call.
·        9. Add to the list until you hit 200 Names.
·       10. Contact EVERYONE on the list- NO EXCEPTIONS.
·        And share the Power and the Products of CTFO.

Share - Present - Enroll

The 3 Actions

·        Now it’s time to take a look at the 3 step process for recruiting and sharing the product.
·        There will always be only 3 things you do in CTFO:
·        1. Share the Products.
·        2. Share the Business.
·        3. Duplicate.
·        That’s it. You can make a fortune just doing those 3 things.
·        But HOW do you do that? 3 steps:

3 EASY Steps

·        You can do that through the 3 step system we have developed and all you do is 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, and 1-2-3 over and over                again.
·        It really is that simply and easy.
·        Here are the 3 steps of how to do that:
·        1. SHARE
·        2. PRESENT
·        3. ENROLL
·        We will cover each step in this video so we can get you out the door and talking to people you care about and want to share                CTFO with.


·        It all starts with SHARING with someone for their time, to view a video or landing page, to try a sample of one of the products, to          hold a conversation with you, or if you can share a new health idea with them. (Be sure to Go over the back office training video          on SHARE in back office.)
·        You must learn what we call “recruiting language.” It is the Art of Asking someone to take a minute to listen to you or view a                   landing page or video.
·        You can Share online as we have said, but also you can Share offline as well.
·        4 of the most powerful words you can use is “I Need Your Help.”

Share Script Online

·        “Could you do me a favor and look at this video for me? I believe you know some folks we could help with these amazing                      products.”
·        “I have run across something that I believe would help you tremendously. Take a look at this, and give me your thoughts.”
·        “If you owned your own highly successful business, how would your life change? I want to share something with you that I                    believe would be a fit for you. Please look at this quick video.”
·        “I need your help. I have found something that really has proven to be a great fit online for me. Please take a look at this video            and give me your thoughts. I believe it could be a great second revenue for you.”
·        “Take a look at this video and give me your thoughts on it. I value your input.”

Share Script Offline

·         “Have you ever heard of CBD oil- the powerful antioxidant?”
·        “I need your help Mary. I am seeking out people that are living with pain in their life. Do you ever struggle with pain or know folks          who do? I have run across something that truly can help reduce pain and its impact on the body from the inside out…”
·        “Curious…if the right thing came along, and it was right for you and you could make some great additional income, would you be          open to a conversation?”
·        “Do you have a second? I would like to ask you a question. Do you ever wish you had less anxiety? Do you know folks that                  struggle with that? I have run across a game changer product that has changed my life and others. Do you have a second?”
·        “Has anyone told you about CTFO?”
·        “Do you trust me? I have discovered a business we can work together that is at the very beginning and we can be one of the                first ones working it in the US. I want you to simply look at it and sample a product. They are amazing. Do you have a minute?”
·        “What’s your take on CBF oil?”
·        “Do you have a second – I would like to ask you a quick question, Are you at a good time in your life to consider some additional          income?”
·        “I know someone that has loss <22 pounds in 4 weeks> on a new, safe Weight Loss program. Do you know anyone that would            love to have the chance to slim down like that?”
·        “If you owned your own highly successful business, how would your life change? I want to share something with you that can              help a lot of folks live like that, and we can partner up with it…”
·        “Are you free for lunch this week? I want to run something past you that has really helped me and I know some folks it will                    help… What is it? It deals in stress reduction / slimming down / pain relief / beautiful skin / more energy, (and more.”)


·        TRUTH: Not everyone may be as excited about CTFO as you are.
·        You may hear some folks say “no.” It is much like a waitress with a pot of coffee and asking her patrons if they want some more          coffee. She goes around and asks “More coffee?” Some say “yes” and others say “no.” She does not get all emotional about the          people who do not want more coffee and quit her job. Her job is to OFFER EVERYONE coffee, and simply to find the ones that            DO want coffee – and pour it.
·        That is what we do. WE OFFER EVERYONE the products and business, but we are only seeking the ones that say “YES.”
·        Do not get upset if someone says “no.” Move on to the Next One.


·        Understand that PRESENTING is a PROCESS and it may take several exposures some information for the prospect to have              what he/she needs to take action. So it may take 2-3-4 exposures for a prospect to “get it.”
·        Think GIFT. You are presenting a GIFT of health with folks. Focus on that.
·        “I would like to share something with you that has changed my life.”
·        A sample or a small amount of a CTFO product.
·        A video explaining the products and benefits.
·        A link to a landing page.
·        Information on an upcoming meeting.
·        The story of CTFO.
·        The CTFO Product Line.
·        The Business information.
·        Your Testimony and Stories of the products benefits.
·        A webinar or Facebook LIVE with your Team brining guests.
·        Conference Call with your team.
·        Your Excitement and Passion for these products and business!


·        Enroll in the back office system.
·        Help them with a phone call.
·        Hold zoom meeting.
·        One on one appointment if needed to enroll.
·        Be available for any questions.
·        Get In – Get On – Get OUT!
·        Make sure the details are correct.

Trust the Process

·        Let me remind you once more, this is a step by step PROCESS.
·        And you may need to have multiple exposures with someone for them to see the Vision and the Power of CTFO.
·        Again, some may need 2, 3, 4 or more exposures.
·        But understand the secret of this business:
·        EXPOSURES
·        That one word is the NUCLEAR CORE of Success with CTFO. The more Exposures you can have with people about the                      products and the business, the more powerful your business and income will become.

The Close

The Close

·        1. Shows No Fear: Confident, relaxed and never pushy.
·        2. Never Sells for Just a Commission: Has a belief in the products and services provided.
·        3. Immune to Rejection: Never takes rejections personally.
·        4. Highly Competitive: Sets goals and competes with self as well as others.
·        5. Asks Every Customer!
·        You have Asked the prospect for their time, and shared some information with them.
·        Now it is time to ask for a DECISION.
·        In our profession, it is called “Closing.” This is simply the nature completion of the recruiting or retailing process.
·        But there is one rule that you must be aware of:
·        NO PRESSURE. Only Excitement.


·        We want to give you a few ways to ask for the decision or order, and do it through Conversation and it feel natural and normal.
·        Many times people try to “close” with manipulation, tricks, bait and switch, dishonesty, and more.
·        At CTFO we respect the prospect and would never do that.
·        But we DO ask for the decision in powerful, persuasive ways.
·        So if you have done the process correctly, then there is a natural finishing of the process that does not run the prospect off or              move into an awkward moment. It is done with normal conversation.


·        Remember these 3 Words?
·        “Its Just Conversation.”
·        Closing must feel NORMAL, NATURAL, and NON-THREATENING.
·        You love the CTFO products. You love the business. You love the potential.
·        Well… Love the Prospect’s Future. Care more about their health and future than they do.
·        And that is why that CTFO will have a much higher Closing ratio than the normal company as we will “Love the prospect into                their Future.” And it will feel like normal conversation.
·        Emotions drive this business. Remember that.

Others Will See It

·        When closing the prospect
·        Don’t be weird. Don’t be manipulative. Don’t lose your confidence I the moment. Don’t be awkward. Don’t be hesitant.
·        When you took a look at CTFO, you saw something that compelled you to join. You are not crazy.
·        If you saw it, others will see it too.
·        Your job is to lead them to the place where they can make a decision that is right for them.
·        If you do that, you will find that your closing ratio will be higher than the normal in this profession.


·        Here are 7 quick ways to “close” the prospect and it feel normal and natural:
·        1. “Are there any other questions? Do you see this as something we can work together on and really help a lot of people?”
·        If YES: “Here is what we need to do.”
·        If NO: “Thanks for your honesty. Help me understand what it is with CTFO that is not a fit for you”
·        2. “I have an idea. Lets do this. Lets get your name in the computer, get you some inventory, and lock arms while helping a lot of          people. How does that sound?”
·        3. “I am going to be real honest here. I really would love to work with you. I believe we would make an amazing team and help a          lot of folks. Are you ready to change your life and other’s?”
·        4. “You ready to lock arms and partner up and do this with me?”
·        5. “Is there anything holding you back from partnering up with me and together building you a million dollar business?”
·        6. “Do you see yourself more as a customer or more as a distributor
·        7. “Ok. Are we good to get started?”